Whole30 Chia Seed Pudding

January 19, 2017

Ever since I posted my Whole30 grocery list, I've been blown away by the feedback you guys have been so willing to share with me! All of the enthusiasm, encouragement, suggestions and corrections have all been amazing!! For example, when chatting about breakfast options, a few of my followers suggested chia pudding as an alternative to eggs in the morning... and I got SO excited that I made it right away.

I've made chia pudding before, but I've either made it like a dessert or with oats - both of which are not allowed on Whole30. Speaking of not allowed... I've read that some people even think that this version is a no no, but since you guys already know that I'm making my own rules (Whole15 babyyyy), I decided to go with it ;) Plus, this is a great recipe for ANYONE, whether you're following the diet or not.

1/2 cup chia seeds
2 cups unsweetened almond milk
1/2 tbsp cinnamon

almond butter
unsweetened coconut flakes
frozen cherries (thawed)

Whisk chia seeds, almond milk and cinnamon. Pop it in the fridge over night, and when you wake up, it will be good to go! This makes multiple servings, so spoon some into a bowl and go crazy with the toppings! 

Obviously, you can have a little bit more fun if you aren't doing Whole30 - but these toppings were seriously delicious! I would eat it like this any day. Hope you like it!

Believe in More with Nike

January 18, 2017

 Tank: Nike | Sports Bra: NikeJacket: Nike Leggings: Nike | Shoes: Nike
*all items were gifted c/o Nike

As you probably saw on my insta-stories this weekend, I hosted an event with Nike to help them celebrate their latest innovation: Zonal Strength Tights. These bad boys have new compression technology in specific places to support key muscles and help reduce muscle vibration and fatigue. They also have four-way stretch! Woo!

In addition to the killer leggings, I'm also completely obsessed with these new shoes. When I was looking at all the sneakers, we started laughing because we realized I really don't need running shoes!! Any given week, you can find me at yoga, barre, or spin... but none of those require running shoes. Solid point, right?! So... then I tried on these slip on training shoes, and now I'm OBSESSED. I love that I can slip them on to go to class + they're super comfortable for a day of running errands! Also, you can't see it in these photos, but this sports bra is the cutest. Trust me, you need that, too. Just start adding to cart already ;)

Obviously working with Nike and promoting really quality products is already SUPER fun for me... but the message behind this campaign also made me really happy to be a part of it.

"Believe in more."

I know, right off the bat it sounds a little cliche... but think for a second about how those 3 words can mean something different to each individual person. Even just to me alone, believing in more is what led me here, to this blog, to all of my new career aspirations. I had to believe that I was capable of doing more and learning more - to trust that there was more for me out there. 

It can also apply to my relationship with fitness. I was never good at sports, so I figured I wasn't supposed to be an "active" person. Sooo everyone who can't catch a ball in gym class shouldn't work out? What a ridiculous thought! Most of you probably know that yoga changed all that - and since discovering that wonderful practice, my confidence in trying other workouts has sky rocketed. Seriously, testing out new workout classes has become one of my favorite activities! This coming from a girl who always wished she could sit out of gym class. Believe in more, y'all ;) 

And before I let you go - I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to the event. I couldn't get over how quickly the slots filled up and I'm so grateful for this wonderful community. You're the best!!

Shop the look:

Whole30 Shopping List

January 16, 2017

*Update- I have Liquid Aminos pictured here, but you actually need to look for COCONUT Aminos to be Whole30 compliant! My mistake... I'm still learning over here!

Happy Monday, everyone! If you follow me on insta-stories, then you already have in the inside scoop. If you don't, here's the deal: I'm making my own rules and doing a Whole15 right now! Woooo! 

Before you judge me for not doing the full 30 days, let me explain myself. I had a trip earlier this month and I didn't want to be picky or difficult when eating out... and I have another trip planned in February + Valentine's Day + you know, LIFE. Finding a whole 30 day period to stick to this commitment seemed near impossible, but 15? I'm much more confident in that number :)

To be honest, I don't eat THAT far off from this diet to start. The hardest part for me will be giving up the love of my life - carbs! Also, I love my grains and legumes, which are now off limits. I've realized that I'm going to eat more meat than I usually do which might be interesting... but other than that, it's all about meal planning! I shot two recipes yesterday and both were delicious, so stay tuned for those!

As for this grocery haul, I need to remind all of you that I am NOT a nutritionist or a Whole30 expert - I am solely sharing my experience! But if you're cool with that, I tried to stick to the ingredients I needed for specific recipes. I hate seeing food go to waste, so I wanted to make sure a head of cauliflower didn't just sit there until it went bad... and on that note - do you guys know that Whole Foods sells RICED CAULIFLOWER?! It's seriously a lifesaver. Keep it in your fridge all the time so you can heat it up with a piece of salmon on a busy night. So easy. (Trader Joe's sells Riced Broccoli, too!)

But now I have a question for YOU!  I know about apples and almond butter, the compliant flavors of Lara Bars, and nuts... but what other snacks do you eat?! I'm such a snacker that this is going to be tough for me. I found freeze dried strawberries at the store, but I obviously don't want to eat the whole bag... (it could easily happen haha) Any suggestions for me?!

How to deal with *not* working out

January 10, 2017

Pants: c/o Sweaty Betty | Top: Zella | Sports Bra: old (similar)

New Christmas Tradition: Homemade Bagels

January 5, 2017

For those of you who follow along on Instagram and Insta-stories, you already know that my family and I stayed home for Christmas instead of traveling this year. I was worried that I wouldn't feel quite as festive since we weren't celebrating with all of my extended family... but in all honesty, it was pretty lovely. My cute little nephew obviously makes everything more adorable and my parents did an amazing job decorating the house. What else could we possibly need? A new tradition, that's what. Something that we can repeat for years to come, that is unique to a Chicago Christmas... with a touch of NJ & Long Island rolled into the mix. (My cousin Dan suggested that addition - all puns intended!)
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