Black + Leopard

February 9, 2016

Dress: Asos | Coat: BCBG | Earrings: old (similar) | Bracelet: c/o Kendra Scott | Belt: Ada Collections Bag: c/o Vera Bradley (on sale!) | Sunglasses: Burberry c/o Endless Eyewear (use code LAKESHORELADY for a free month!) | Shoes: c/o Coach

I've been really loving the past few weekends. Taking it easy, going to brunch, not freezing as soon as you walk outside... ALL GOOD THINGS. I wore this particular look to brunch at Cindy's (more on that coming to LSL this week!) with a bunch of my blogger pals. I knew some of us would shoot for each other after, so I decided to try something a little different. I rarely wear all black - I love color and feminine details and feeling flirty, so black always feels super serious. Luckily, I had some leopard booties to counter the turtleneck dress, black tights and black jacket. Gotta add some fun in there somewhere, right?!

I felt like a blob without any waist definition, so I was thrilled when I rediscovered this wrap belt. I used to be obsessssed with this thing, so watch out. You might be seeing a lot more of it. It's so cool though - so many different ways to tie it!!

Not gonna lie, I felt pretty chic in this outfit. I guess I kind of get what all those New Yorkers meant now? (Ooo a pretty pink dress! Yup, still me.)

There's nothing like Chicago on a beautiful day. These 40 degree weekends have gotten me SO excited for spring and summer!!

Big thanks to Maya from Charmingly Styled for these photos!

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Shimmery Galentine's Day Cocktail

February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which means that Galentine's Day is even closer! Don't know what I'm talking about?
"February 14th, Valentine's Day, is about romance. But February 13th, Galentine's Day, is about celebrating lady friends. It's wonderful and it should be a national holiday." -Leslie Knope
In honor of the occasion, I put together a cute little Galentine's Day spread - and you can see the full feature with tips to help you throw your own awesome party for your best girls on Wandeleur tomorrow! But what you won't see over there is the recipe for this oh so girly cocktail...

She's a beauty, right?! 
So, I recently discovered this liquor called Viniq... and it literally couldn't be more perfect for an occasion like Galentine's Day. It's a blend of premium vodka, moscato wine and fruity flavors, AND it SHIMMERS. I'm serious! If you follow me on Snapchat you made have seen the video when I got my first bottle - I'll do it again today (username: lakeshorelady) because you really have to see it in action. I've honestly never seen a prettier or more girly bottle of alcohol in my life - and if you can't drink something girly (and shimmery!) on Galentine's Day, when can you?!

Here's what you'll need!

Shimmery Galentine's Cocktail
3 oz champagne
1 oz sparkling water

Drop pomegranate arils into the glass to finish, or simply garnish with a strawberry on the rim.

And that's it!

 Don't forget to stop by Wandeleur tomorrow morning for more tips on how to throw the cutest Galentine's Day Party for you and your best pals!


*This post was sponsored by Viniq, but (as always!) all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Lake Shore Lady possible!

Kale Blazer

February 5, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a WEEK. If you saw this instagram, you might have gathered that I wore pretty much ALL my "hats" this week. It's been slightly overwhelming... but I just keep reminding myself that (1) I'm the dummy saying yes to everything and (2) most of it is SO fun, how could I say no?!

Regardless, keeping up with a busy schedule and long to do list is tough. For example, I set my alarm yesterday with every intention of going to 7am yoga and kick starting my day. Of course, I snoozed through until 7:10 and missed the class - ugh! But on days like that, I've stopped beating myself up and instead moved on to Plan B: an at-home workout and Naked's Kale Blazer Smoothie. BOOM.

Macaroni & Cheese Balls [Cooking Video]

February 4, 2016
You guys, you're getting TWO recipes in ONE week!! Whaaat?! My favorite part of this lineup is the fact that the Salmon and Cauliflower Rice is super healthy, and these Mac & Cheese Balls are, well... not at all. Woops :)
Despite being unhealthy, these little cuties are SO DELICIOUS - if you follow me on Snapchat (lakeshorelady), you saw me dig into them last week as soon as I wrapped this recipe with the lovely Learn To Cook team. The melty cheese, the crispy breadcrumbs, ahhh! You might get a little hungry as you watch this video... but then afterwards you can go get the groceries to make them for your Superbowl Party on Sunday. No really, do it!!

Before we dive into the recipe, I just want to mention my overalls, because they are marked down from $158 to $39 right now! I'm obsessed!! Also, if they don't have your size left, they have a bunch of other styles on sale, too. If you've been thinkin about trying the trend, NOW is the time. You're welcome. 
Now back to cookin!

Ginger Garlic Salmon with Cauliflower Rice

February 2, 2016

You guys hear me talk about healthy eating a lot (I know, I know), but I can't help but get SO excited when meals are both delicious AND nutritious. It's such a win! 
This particular dish is great for me, because I am definitely a carb-a-holic. I wish I could eat bread/pasta every day... but as good as that sounds, I know that it (unfortunately) is no good for my health or my waistline. Enter: Cauliflower Rice. I posted about this magical fake rice back in 2014, but have yet to come up with another great recipe with it until now. Of course, I have to give my honest opinion and warn you before we get started... This is NOT the same as real rice. It's not - just like zucchini noodles aren't the same as real noodles! Haha people will tell you they do, but I don't want to get your hopes up too high. Instead, just think of it as an awesome new way to eat cauliflower, that happens to resemble rice a little bit! No ones feelings get hurt and we all get a good meal. Sounds good?!
Plus the texture is so good with this flavorful piece of salmon. Get excited.
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