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  1. Linda Silbert
    February 7, 2019 @ 7:29 am

    Just a thought…..My daughter Amanda works for Chobani and I have been loving their new ‘Hint of’ flavors, vanilla and cinnamon, blueberry and 2 others….. – it has the same amount of sugar as in plain yogurt – 7 g – which is what is naturally in milk!
    I know the Two Good has 2 g which is great – they say they have a way to strain the milk, but they do add stevia and although stevia has some benefits it also has some risks like digestive problems and allergic reactions.
    I wold prefer to eat natural sugars from the milk than add an alternative sweetener.
    This is a Dannon product and they used to be #1 in the industry and they are looking to find a way back in.
    Love the warm apples and cinnamon!!!

    • Lauren
      February 7, 2019 @ 8:22 am

      Hey Linda! I’m totally with you – I try to be aware of how much stevia I eat, too! That being said, from my research, it’s still WAY better than so many of the other sweeteners out there. I try to eat/look for unsweetened yogurts as often as I can and just add my own toppings at home, but sometimes (especially if you’re on the go) a flavored yogurt just tastes so good! Haha I’ll have to try the Chobani ‘Hint Of’ ones though – those sound like a great option, too!!