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  1. Paula Gilbert
    June 7, 2018 @ 7:02 am

    Work out goals are great, but as I sit here with a sore lower back and left shoulder, I can tell you that the rest more so recovery is so important and I have yet learned to put those as part of my goals! I definitely did too much last week – tennis drill in the heat last Monday, tennis matches Tues and Wed in the heat, Thursday morning workout with my personal trainer followed by a long tennis match in the evening – hot and very windy conditions. Has taken a toll on me this week. At my age, I still want to and think I can do it all! When will I learn?This week I have been treating myself to walking, watching the French Open on the tennis channel, ice/heat and a couple of Epsom salts baths (first recommended to me by your mom and now my trainer!). My wise dad’s words (he was an M.D.) have been resonating in my head this week – everything in moderation! Walking today, stretching, rolling and will be playing a match tonight!

    • Lauren
      June 7, 2018 @ 9:26 am

      Ahh Paula, I LOVE this comment – and it’s why I included rest in my June goals! It is truly SO important to listen to your body. Sometimes it can feel awesome to push yourself, and other times getting an extra hour of sleep or taking the time to stretch is exactly what you should do. But figuring that balance out is always easier said than done haha Feel better soon!!