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  1. Carly Clydesdale
    December 19, 2016 @ 3:45 pm

    I LOVE this dress!!! So adorable. I've been wanting to see La La Land, now I feel like I need to watch it asap!

  2. Cheryl Leahy
    December 19, 2016 @ 6:10 pm

    Adore the dress and the message. I often pause and ask myself WHY I do what I do, and then I realize if I stopped I wouldn't be following my heart…which is a sad way to live. Thanks for sharing, I never knew you had pursued an acting career!! Way to parlay, my friend!

  3. Minau
    December 20, 2016 @ 6:36 pm

    Great dress! You look awesome!

  4. You're Still Fat
    December 20, 2016 @ 4:55 pm

    can't wait to see it!