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  1. Harris
    March 27, 2013 @ 6:43 pm

    That dress is so sweet! I went to the Target on State the day the collection came out and snagged a cute cardigan and racerback top, I've been waiting for some springy-er weather to wear them.

  2. lauren
    March 27, 2013 @ 7:47 pm

    I thought this dress was so adorable in the store, looks fabulous on you!!!!!

  3. lake shore lady
    March 27, 2013 @ 8:19 pm

    YES- Give me SPRING! I'm starting to get mad at Chicago!

  4. lake shore lady
    March 27, 2013 @ 8:20 pm

    Thanks Lauren! Thanks for following along 🙂

  5. Kodi Jensen
    March 29, 2013 @ 3:00 pm

    Cute dress! I loved the shoes you got from the collection, but when I tried them on they rubbed my big toe so much I knew I'd wind up getting blisters. 🙁 My feet just aren't made for peep toe type shoes! Have a great Easter weekend!
    grey et al

  6. Nora
    April 1, 2013 @ 2:13 am

    Love that dress, so pretty!


    April 1, 2013 @ 4:07 am

    Ooh! The dress is too cute! I saw someone wearing the blazer from the same line a little while ago and was completely smitten. Now I know where to find it 🙂

    -Mega from