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What’s in my Shoe Cabinet

I thought it would be easiest to send you from that reel to a landing page, so here we are! My exact shoe cabinet is going in and out of stock, but I linked similar options here.

Drawer 1

1 .Kizik Lima Sneakers – slips on, run true to size

2. Kizik Milan Sneakers – slips on, run true to size

3. Golden Goose Ball Star Sneakers – get a different color in the same style for 42% off here! Plus more sale styles here and my full Golden Goose Review.

4. Nike Platform Sneakers – they rubbed my ankle a bit but I bought these heel inserts and now they’re great!

Drawer 2

1. UGG Ultra Mini – sold out in Chestnut everywhere but linked where you can preorder for January! I also like the Classic Mini which is just a little taller… and in stock!

2. Everlane Glove Booties – these have been a favorite of mine for YEARS. So insanely comfortable.

3. Rothy’s Sneakers – machine washable! I think they run a little small so if you’re between sizes, size up!

4. Madewell Ballet Flats – run true to size and very comfy!

Drawer 3

1. Sarah Flint Perfect Emma (Black) – these 3 pairs were gifted to me as a part of an affiliate program a few years ago and (while they’re pricey) they’re so well made, comfortable and beautiful!

2. Sarah Flint Perfect Emma (Nude) – same as above!

3. Sarah Flint Perfect Zip Bootie – again, same situation as above. I feel very lucky that I was gifted these since they’re more than I’d usually spend. That being said, the quality is unmatched!

4. Madewell Loafers – mine are very old but I linked this year’s version! Even more options here.

Drawer 4

1. Allbirds Men’s Wool Mizzles – weather resistant material!

2. Hoka Running Sneakers

3. Allbirds Men’s Wool Pipers

4. similar loafers